Best evaluation, best instruction, best learning environment

Welcome to childpsych Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre is part of
childpsych: psychology practice located in Brisbane, Australia.

Our Learning Centre offers remedial teaching for children in preschool to Grade 12 with learning problems.

Our centre is unique in that it is staffed by Educational Psychologists and specialist Learning Support Teachers.

We offer remedial teaching for problems with reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.

Our learning centre is based on three principles:

The best evaluation
The initial evaluation is conducted with one of our Educational Psychologists who will complete an educational and psychological evaluation. At the end of this session you will be given the results of the assessment as well as the recommended treatment approach and how long it may take.
The best instruction
We will only use scientifically proven approaches to assisting your child to improve their learning. We match the type of intervention to your child's learning needs and age.
The best learning environment
Remedial teaching may take the form of individual, group and home-based programs. We often recommend a combination of all three. Our teachers can access the advice and expertise of Educational Psychologists onsite to try and improve your child's learning. For example, we work with a variety of children who, in addition to having learning difficulties, have other diagnoses such as Autism and AD/HD.

Our learning centre difference is summarised in 7 ways:

  1. Your child's initial evaluation is conducted by an Educational Psychologist. This professional is trained to diagnose various learning disorders (e.g. dyslexia) as well as determine the most appropriate remedial program.

  2. Your child's remedial program is conducted by a specialist teacher experienced in learning support. This professional understands the learning needs of students with problems such as Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD and Dyspraxia to name a few.

  3. Your child's program is individualised. We match our interventions to your child. We do not use a pre-designed curriculum based on a set number of sessions that your child must complete. In other words we teach your child and do not rely upon software programs or a pre-determined number of sessions.

  4. Your child's progress will be monitored at regular intervals and a Progress Meeting arranged with the Learning Support Teacher and Educational Psychologist. If desired, your child's classroom teacher can also attend (at no charge).

  5. Our learning centre is part of a well established and respected child psychology practice. This means that a range of expertise is available to assist with any other barriers to your child's learning. For example, if your child has an anxiety problem or difficulty with their behaviour, then we can also assist. The professional communication that can occur between teachers and psychologists improves decisions made about your child's learning needs.

  6. We aim to maximise the effectiveness of our interventions and can liaise with your child's classroom teacher to help them assist your child.

  7. The interventions we select for your child are based on evidence-based practices that have stood up to scientific scrutiny. We will not give false hope or claim to "fix" all learning difficulties. What we can promise however is to assist your child to progress and continue to learn.